Each year our Tas Management Administration System (TAS) tool is being supplemented by our work experience. Our customers can request acces to their own Balanced Scorecard (BSC).


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Since 2006 Gordon Imagen has developed many and varied projects. These projects have in common the management of implementation of all kinds of changes in network outlets to large enterprises. Our experience and the study of such processes have led to the development of a procedure entirely designed by Gordon Imagen's staff. This is a Project Management adapted to this unique type of actions.

As key points of this method we can highlight:

  • Flexibility. This system has been successfully applied to different projects, with different scope, number and size and management of diverse requirements by the client.
  • Management task. We have defined a maximum number of tasks that we can always handle all our projects.
  • Parameterization. The implementation of our TAS to anew project is done by identifying the requirements and needs of the same. Once we identified these requirements, by adjusting the parameters of the software, each project can have a tool that adapts fully to the requirements for monitoring and control of the client and the specifics of the project.
  • Planning. The schedulable tasks such as data collection and installation are supported by a planning module.
  • Transparency. This system allows the client connection for monitoring tasks as well as the making of a painting, individual control for each manager.
  • Multiproject and Consolidation. Tas manages the implementation of projects with different budgets and belonging to the same company and applied to the same network, they depend on different suppliers from different departments of the Customer company.

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