Our experience and Project Management tools have enabled us to define our working model.


Steps to complete project management

  • Initial project definition
    • Parameterization of tasks, reworks
    • Planification and task duration and complete project
    • Definition of responsabilities and deadlines for resolution
    • Management System, Project Management
  • Communication strategy
    • Systematic monitoring
    • Corrective action planning
    • Resolution of delays
  • Planning and realization of Data Collections
    • Planning of visits. Systematic of processing information
    • Identification of problems for future stages
  • Photomontages, drawing deployments
    • Standards Definition
  • Budgets
    • Establishment of fixed unit prices
    • Correct budget in the first version
    • Deviations Assessment and lessons learned
  • Order management - Logistics - Planning facilities
    • Strengthening internal and external supplies, minimizing material reception problems on arrival
    • Handling delays and alternatives
  • Own installation teams not subcontracted
    • Meeting the highest standards of prevention and training in the installation of specific items.
  • Works closures, billing and collection management
    • Providing reports
    • Tracking works in progress
    • Management and troubleshooting
    • Immediate communication of customer incidents
    • Preparation of contingency plans and alternative works
  • Maintenance
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Corrective Maintenance

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