Since our inception in 2006 and thanks to our customers and suppliers we have been able to improve our figures year a year and achieve our goals.


Some goals

Integral Management Systems (GIS), audited by Bureau Veritas and certificated in:

    • Quality ISO 9001

    • Environment ISO 14001

    • Prevention and Safety OHSAS 18001

    In recent years we have made installation works in Spain, Portugal, France, Turkey, Italy and the Netherlands. In each country we fulfill the specific requirements of Occupational Risk Prevention, Safety and Formation of workers.

    Development and implementation of a propietary software tool called Tasks Administration System (TAS).

    Waste Management through Ecolum Foundation, fulfilling the Waste Act.

    Some achieved figures

      • 450 Visits to do data collection (Surveys) for a client within a year.

      • 15 installations of different projects handled simultaneously in the same week.

      • 95 installers working simultaneously in different countries and for different proyects.
      • 45 makeovers with large format elements in roofs and decks

      Over 10 large manufacturers in 5 countries have trusted in us as local partners for Spain, Portugal and France.

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