About us

We are an international Project Management company. We are specialised in Project Management, we have developed an organizational structure and work procedure that enable us to meet all requirements.


Who are our clients

Our structure and our working procedure enable the efficient integration of all type of projects, so any organization with an ongoing project is our potential customer, regardless of its size, sector or country or region.

So far we have had the confidence of customers of different characteristics and origins:

  • Brands plants with projects to be developed involving performances in their commercial networks.
  • Foreign manufacturers with contracts with major brands without business structure in Spain.
  • National manufacturers with contracts with major brands without experience in project management or installation.
  • Foreign manufacturers with specialised intstallation products and customers established in Spain and EU countries, with a lack of structure in these countries.

So far our main fields of action are the sectors of Corporate Identification, Water Parks and Solar Installations.


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