About us

We are an international Project Management company. We are specialised in Project Management, we have developed an organizational structure and work procedure that enable us to meet all requirements.


How we do it

We have standardised a working method that fits:

  • Networks of different number and size of sites, from urban shop chains to large shopping malls.
  • Projects in different areas: business coporate identification, furniture, leisure parks, solar installations.
  • Projects of different scopes, from the overall management of the project to the mere installation.
  • Installation works of different scopes.

By integrating all projects that we handle in one working procedure we can optimise the allocation of resources. We can make viable projects that for their little scope or dimension can not be managed individually.

This procedure is the result of years of expertise in project management. Our structure has also been developed at the same time. We have departments specialised in tasks, not in projects. We bring to each new project our expertise of management, technique and installation.

All the phases of the project are performed with our own specialist staff.

We have developed and certified a software tool (TAS) specifically designed to cover all aspects and needs of project management.

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