About us

We are an international Project Management company. We are specialised in Project Management, we have developed an organizational structure and work procedure that enable us to meet all requirements.


What we do

We manage any type of project that requires action on business networks with multiple locations, spanning the breadth of scope required by each customer. We have specialized in the design, definition and implementation of custom procedures for each client of project and its subsequent development, including full installation and after sales service.

We act as local partners for large foreign manufacturers that need to develop a project in our country in the framework of an international agreement. The Corporate Identity field (both exterior and interior branding) has been one of our main areas of operation.

We provide our customers with the structure and expertise to develop their projects on their own network in a professional and efficient manner, avoiding the need to allocate internal resources. By coordinating different projects we are able to optimize resources, both personal and material. We minimize startup times for new projects, by integrating them into an already implemented procedure.

The scope of our projects range from simple installations to the complete development that covers from the initial definition, configuration and planning, to the conducting data collections, proposal development, order management and logistics and installations. We are also able to hold the diffusion of the project and communication with the network, the planification and execution of audits standards, the development and implementation of maintenance systems and many others.

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