Business Areas

We offer our clients the opportunity to develop for them the full project management or focus on those tasks that they need.


Business areas

Installation services:

    • Corporate Image Implementation
        • Structural work and facade coating.
        • Changes pixel in front.
        • Changes of image elements in façade.
        • Large format picture elements.
        • Renovations and interior local adaptations.
      • Aquatic and Leisure Parks
          • Foundations.
          • Installation of metal structures.
          • Assembly of plastif parts.
          • Electrical and hydraulic installations.
        • Solar Parks
            • Installation of aluminium structures covered and sealed.
            • Position and connection of solar panels.
            • Installation of investor and connection centres.
          • Urban Furniture

          Installation services:

              • Data Collection - Survey
                  • Visits to networks on which they have to perform actions.
                  • Data collection, pictures and measurements according to methods.
                • Corporate image implementation
                    • Plans and details.
                    • Processing of photographs.
                    • Incorporation of elements of the Identity Manual.
                  • Auditing Standards
                      • Review of standards compliance.

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